Motor starter combinations

Moeller® series

Quickly combined

The motor-protective circuit-breaker PKE utilises proven tool-less plug connection technology for implementing motor-starter combinations in the high unit volume current range up to 15 A. Tool-less plug connection provides an optional, neutral interface without additional costs. The mounting and wiring times are decisively reduced through tool-less combination of standard components with motor starters.

The users simply clicks the components onto each other when direct-on-line starters are required. Furthermore, the time-consuming wiring of terminals for parallel and reversing connectors is reduced. Fully tool-less.

A connector for direct-on-line and reversing starters is available for motor starters greater than 15 A. Circuit-breakers PKE and contactors DILM sometime have the same, compact width. No precious millimetre of control panel space is wasted.

Protective device PKE

2 separate contact systems including Switching device DIL M
PKE: Quickly combined

Your benefit: The test costs are reduced and errors are prevented right from the start.

PKE – motor starter configuration from standard components

  • Reduces mounting and wiring times (fault-free mounting)
  • Enhances the safety with 2 independent separate contact systems in the motor starter
  • Enables side-by-side arrangement in addition to direct mounting (flexible in design).

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