Control units

Moeller® series

Simply safe

The benefits can be implemented even more efficiently with a modular design in motor-protective circuit-breakers.

PKE: Control units

The base unit can be separated from the trip block (control unit) due to the modular design.
The plug-in design enables the control unit to be fitted easily into the base module. The current or any functions required can also be defined later in the control unit without disconnecting the main current wiring using the benefits of this technology. Replacement of the motor protective devices because of modified motor data during the engineering phase also due to the large current setting ranges is not necessary.

PKE plug-in control units up to 65 A

  • Enhances service-friendliness (short conversion times, fast commissioning)
  • Provides transparent safety with visible isolating gaps
  • Enables definition of the tripping current at the last moment.

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