Light curtain monitoring

Safety Relay

Safety of persons has the highest priority in manufacturing plants and facilities. This is why the monitoring of light curtains on machines and processing centres is a further important function of the electronic safety relay ESR.
The access to dangerous zones is monitored by light curtains. An accidental or unallowed intrusion into dangerous zones is detected and evaluated by safety relays ESR.

A safety relay of the ESR5-NV3-30 series can be used for processing signals from output signal switching devices (OSSD) of a light curtain.

Expansion modules ESR5-NE… with five additional enable paths facilitate the expansion of safety relay enable paths.

Depending on the application, the highest safety demands compliant to EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e, to IEC 62061 up to SIL CL 3, and to IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 can be achieved.