Safely monitored Emergency-stop and safety door circuits

safety relay

The electronic safety relays are designed to constantly monitor the signals from the safety devices and to switch down the system safely in the event of an emergency.

We provide one and two-channel variants for the implementation of safety-oriented applications. The internal logic of the safety relays monitors the safety circuits (Emergency-stop, safety door) and activates the enable paths when in a fault-free state. The enable paths are switched off after actuation of the safety devices or in the event of a fault. Faults which occur in the control circuit such as an earth fault, cross-short and open circuits are reliably detected. Activation of the enable path is prevented in the event of a fault.

Depending on the types and configuration, the safety relays can be used for the highest safety demands compliant to EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e, to IEC 62061 up to SIL CL 3, and to IEC 61508 up to SIL 3.

The expansion of the enable path and safety relay ESR5 is possible using five additional enable paths with the expansion modules ESR5-NE…

Safety relay ESR5-NV… with time delayed enable paths are available for applications which have to be shut down in accordance with stop category 1 (IEC 60204-1). The time delay can be set in a range from 0.1 to 30 s.