CoDeSys – programming to international standards

The CoDeSys programming software is a continuation of XSOFT-PROFESSIONAL.

easySoft-Codesys programming system CoDeSys is a programming system, based on 3S for industrial plc compliant with the international Standard IEC 61131-3.

Fully developed technical features, easy handling and the widespread use of this software in the automation components of different manufacturers guarantee successful programming with this software.

Programming languages

  • Instruction list (IL) and structured text (ST)
  • Function block diagram (FBD)
  • Freely definable graphical function block chart/continuous function chart (CFC)
  • Ladder diagram (LD)
  • Sequential function chart (SFC).

Testing and commissioning

CoDeSys offers you a number of important functions for debugging your PLC application quickly and efficiently, for testing and commissioning. All these features are available, as soon as you have logged onto the PLC (online mode).


easySoft-Codesys: Simulation You can test your application program even without the controller being connected. For this purpose, CoDeSys provides integrated online simulation. You use this on the same operating surface and with the same handling procedure as though you were online with the controller connected.



easySoft-CoDeSys: multitasking The fact that the application is structured in several separate run-time programs (multitasking) optimises the resources of your control system and facilitates the implementation of time-critical tasks.
You can give priority to high-speed processes, and to slower processes aalocate only as much computer time as is necessary.

Fieldbus configurator included

The CoDeSys hardware configurator shows all the local I/O and the distributed peripherals (PROFIBUS or CANopen) on a single level. This allows you to configure inputs and outputs directly, allocating their parameters and their symbolic names. This prevents assignment errors between peripherals and the IEC based program. In addition, you can also test the variables in online operation.

Further Product Information