Ethernet Gateway/serial interface for MFD-Titan

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Network modules

Network modules PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, ASi

Do you want to make the data of the MFD-Titan higher-level automation system available? It is really simple! Place the corresponding module next to the MFD-Titan and simply connect the devices via the easy-Link interface. Ready to go!

Ethernet Gateway EASY-209-SE

EASY209-SE Using the Ethernet gateway EASY209-SE, you can comfortably connect the MFD-Titan to the Ethernet networks and simply include them in the existing Ethernet structure. Worldwide access via the Ethernet is thus possible.

The creation of an Ethernet profile in the operating and programming software EASY-SOFT-PRO enables access to the device from the programming software. Remote programming, parameterization and online communication are thus possible.

The Ethernet gateway EASY-209-SE is simply connected via the serial interface to the MFD-Titan. Via Ethernet, the gateway is adapted directly to your existing network structure with the EASY209-SE configurator. You can assign every EASY209-SE with its own Ethernet address using the configuration software.

OPC Server

OPC-Server OPC-Server OPC functionality is also possible. The OPC server is integrated free-of-charge into the EASY-SOFT-PRO.
You can have read and write access to the data of the MFD-Titan with every client. It enables a seamless interface to higher-level computer systems for monitoring of the system.

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