EMR5-A Unbalance Relay – Reliable Phase Loss Detection

Unbalance Relay Protecting the motor from destruction

The EMR5-A unbalance relay with its 22.5 mm module width is the ideal protective device for phase loss protection. The detection of phase loss on the basis of phase shift means that reliable phase loss detection is ensured and overloads, even when large amounts of energy are regenerated to the motor.

The relay can be used for protecting motors with a rated voltage of UN = 380 V – 415 V at 50 Hz.

Features of the EMR5-A

  • adjustable unbalance thresholds
  • Phase loss detection
  • Phase sequence detection
  • On-delay 0.1 – 30 s
  • LED status indication
  • The relay has its own power supply, i.e. an additional supply voltage is not required.