EMR4-F500-2 Phase SequenceRelay – Phase Sequence Monitoring with a Compact Device

Phase Sequence Relay

The EMR4-F500-2 phase sequence relay with its compact 22.5 mm width is used for monitoring the clockwise rotation of movable motors for which the phase sequence is important, such as with pumps, saws, drilling machines. Benefits: Additional space in the control panel thanks to the narrow width Protection against damage by means of phase sequence monitoring

A clockwise phase sequence causes the changeover contact to enable the control voltage for the motor switchgear. The EMR4-F500-2 covers the entire voltage range from 200 V AC to 500 V AC.

  • Phase sequence detection
  • Phase loss detection at U < 0.6 x Ue
  • LED status indication
  • The relay has its own power supply, i.e. an additional supply voltage is not required
  • The relay features a second changeover contact that is used for indication purposes.