EMR4/EMR5-N Level Relay – Increased Safety with Open-Circuit Protection

EMR4-N100 Level Relay

The EMR4-/EMR5-N level relays are used primarily to protect pumps from running dry or for the control of liquid levels. They operate by means of sensors which measure conductivity, with one sensor monitoring the maximum level and one sensor the minimum. A third sensor is used for the chassis potential.

The 22.5 mm wide EMR4-N100 and EMR5-N80 device are suitable for conductive liquids, and are provided with a switch to select between Level control and Dry run protection as required. This offers increased safety thanks to the open-circuit design used in both cases.

Reliable monitoring of moving liquids with on-delay function

The EMR4-N500 level monitor (installation width 45 mm) has an enhanced sensitivity and is therefore also good for less conductive media. An integrated on and off-delay function between 0.1 s and 10 s ensures that even moving liquids can be monitored reliably.

  • Level monitoring of conductive liquids
  • Monitoring of mixing ratios
  • LED status indication.