EMR4-R Earth-Leakage Monitor– For Increased Operating Safety

Earth-Leakage Monitor

Low costs thanks to reduce downtimes

EN 60204 "Safety of Machinery" stipulates that auxiliary circuits must be protected with earth-leakage monitors in order to increase operating safety. The EMR4-R earth-leakage monitors are primarily used for this purpose.

A changeover contact indicates an earth fault and therefore allows faults to be rectified without the need for expensive downtimes. The devices can be provided with an optional fault memory that requires a fault to be acknowledged after it has been rectified. A test button is provided to test the functioning of the device at any time.

AC or DC control voltages

One device is available for both AC and DC circuits, thus enabling the entire range of control voltages to be covered. The DC devices feature a multi-voltage coil to provide both AC and DC supply as required.

  • Test button
  • LED status indication.