Multi-functional three-phase monitor EMR5-AW(N)(M)

Multi-functional three-phase monitor Compact rotary field monitoring with various functions

With the multi-functional three-phase monitors the phase parameters, phase sequence, phase loss, phase unbalance, overvoltage and undervoltage are detected.

Depending on the device version, the adjustable threshold value for asymmetry is in the range between 2 – 15 %, and the threshold values for undervoltage and overvoltage are adjustable or fixed.

The EMR5-AWN... is a new version which features the “with neutral conductor monitoring” function.


Multifunctional devices:

  • Monitoring of all important phase parameters such as undervoltage and overvoltage, phase sequence and phase failure as well as phase unbalance, in order to protect the operation of motors and systems
  • Reduced variety of types, thus reducing ordering effort and stock keeping requirement
  • Universal application through adjustable thresholds.

Single functional devices:

  • For economic monitoring of individual parameters.

All devices:

  • Feature two changeover contacts for processing measurement results
  • Feature LEDs for status display
  • Are supplied with power by the measurement circuits and have a minimum wiring requirement
  • Feature a narrow installation width of just 22.5 mm with their space-saving design
  • Increase the availability of the system (phase sequence and phase failure are indicated immediately) with an error message time-delay from 0.1 – 10 s .