Safety and Standard Function Blocks

A host of ready-to-use and tested safety function blocks enable the implementation of a wide range of safety applications with only one device, thus considerably reducing stock-keeping costs. Safety also comes with the tried and tested standard function blocks of the 800 series and thus allows general control tasks to be processed conveniently as well as providing extensive machine diagnostics options.

Safety function blocks

  • Circuits for stopping in an emergency
  • Guard door monitoring with and without interlocking/guard locking
  • Safe operation with two-hand control
  • Electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPEs), with optional muting function
  • Monitoring of open hazardous areas with safety mats
  • Hand or foot operated enable switch
  • Operating mode selector switch
  • Start element
  • Zero monitoring
  • Overspeed monitoring
  • Safety-related timing relay
  • Feedback loop monitoring (EDM)

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