Soft-Safety Configuration Software

User-friendly software for safety and standard circuits

Soft-Safety is a user-friendly configuration environment for creating safety applications and also general control tasks in the conventional circuit diagram language.

Project view allows the graphical configuration of the project by drag and drop using Safety variants in the machine. Either as a stand-alone solution or integrated in the Net network. Separate circuit diagrams ensure a strict separation between safety tasks and standard tasks.

All typical safety functions are selected from a list containing a large number of safety function blocks, and the process is defined by assigning them to the safety inputs and outputs.

Benefits for you:

  • Manipulation protection for the machine builder: Protects the safety application program from manipulation and/or unauthorised intervention
  • Know-how protection for the design engineer: Prevents unwanted transfer of application know-how
  • Flexibility for the operator: Enables the safe parameter setting of the standard application program and a wide range of diagnostics options at any time

A beginners’ course in the Online Help simplifies the entry level for Safety as well as the use of the Soft-Safety PC software.

Further Product Information