SmartWire-DT Base Units

easy800 with SmartWire-DT

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More about SmartWire-DT...

EASY802-DC-SWD and EASY806-DC-SWD combine the functions of an easy800 with the direct connection to SmartWire-DT, the communication system for switchgear:

  • Exchange of data as well as power supply for the SmartWire-DT devices and contactors via the communication system SmartWire-DT
  • Up to 99 SmartWire-DT devices in total with more than 160 inputs/outputs can be connected via the SmartWire-DT line
  • Simple configuration of the SmartWire-DT devices at the touch of a button with the Config button
  • LEDs provide feedback concerning the states on the device and the SmartWire-DT line
  • Serial interface for programming or for connection of a remote text display or for connection to the Ethernet.

easy806 Additionally with EASY806-DC-SWD:

  • 4 fast inputs (up to 5 KHz), 2 of which can be optionally configured as fast outputs (up to 2 kHz) (transistor 24 V DC, 0.1 A)
  • Connection feature to easyNet.

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