use in industry

Machine control

Machine control

  • Plug-in memory cards enable the duplication of the easy circuit diagram without a PC. Any necessary changes in the circuit-diagram can be undertaken externally. The changes can be transferred to easy using the plug-in memory cards.
  • The configurable start routine in the "RUN" or "STOP" modes during application of voltage simplifies commissioning.
  • Short-circuit detection and selective shutdown of the transistor outputs during a short-circuit and overload.
  • The units can be mounted by snapping them onto a top-hat rail or by fixing screws.
  • Detection of temperature, pressure, etc. via analog inputs is possible

Tank filling and discharge control

easy in tank filling and discharge control

  • Operating temperature range -25 C to +55C for all easy devices facilitates versatile application.
  • easy is very cost effective. The costs are reduced when a keypad and display are not required. An LED signals the operating status. The easy circuit diagram is used universally on devices with or without display.
  • Simple and cost-effective communication up to 1000 m via the integrated easy-Net interface (easy 800).
  • Display of up to 32 operating and message texts with multiple variables on the backlit display. For example, to compare nominal and actual values for filling levels, operating times, etc.
  • Flexible operation by the definition of various mixing and operating times via direct parameter input on the device.
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