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Commanding, Signalling, Monitoring and Control at Bit Level

easy and AS-i

A bus connection is valuable even for simple operations, e.g. in production processes. The actuator sensor interface, referred to as ASi, supplies up to 31 participants with up to 248 binary information packages.

ASi is the ideal bus interfacing method for mechanical engineering, as the input and output data is processed with particularly short reaction times of only 5 ms.

For example, multiple motors can start-up simultaneously in the area of materials handling. Bus interfacing is particularly easy with the EASY205-ASi communication module. It can be connected centrally via easy-Link to all expandable easy basic units, such as the easy700 and easy800. The two core AS-i cable is simply wired to the module – and it is ready to use! The data transfer is controlled by an ASi Master.

Transferring Complex Data

easy and PROFIBUS

Higher performance field bus systems such as PROFIBUS-DP are used for more complex automation tasks where the large data volumes are transferred, e.g. multiple analog values, setpoint values, timer statii or timing parameters.

Up to 20 bytes per network station can be transferred per bus cycle. A maximum of 126 stations separated by a maximum of 1200 meters can be used.

The easy control relay offers even more flexibility and performance with the EASY204-DP bus interface: Complete parameter sets from easy can be output or exchanged via this bus connection. If for example, other recipe or parameter values are required in easy, these times, clock times, counter values, setpoint or actual values can be controlled via the high performance field bus system from a respective bus master.

Interfacing to the Worldwide Standard Field Bus Systems

easy and CANopen

The same functions are offered by the EASY221-CO easy-bus coupler for CANopen and EASY222-DN for DeviceNet.



easy and DeviceNet

Interfacing for DeviceNet can be found frequently in the USA and Canada.

These networking features significantly underline the application of easy as a product for world markets.


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