Expansion and networking

Moeller® series

With the central coupling of a basic unit and expansion, you can have a unit with 24 inputs and up to 16 outputs. Comprehensive circuit-diagrams are easy to implement in this fashion.


Central coupling

Example: Central coupling of basic unit and expansion

Expandable easy basic units are also available in a cost-effective version without an integrated display.

easy-Link – simple decentralized expansion

Decentralized coupling Decentralized coupling

Example: Decentralized coupling with easy200-easy and a two wire cable

In order to solve control tasks which are separated from one another, you require additional decentralized inputs and outputs. Just connect the easy200-easy with an expandable basic unit. Using a simple two wire cable, you can connect the easy-expansion which may be up to 30 m away.

easy 800 with integrated EASY-NET network

EASY-NET network

The easy800 control relays can be connected to one another easily and with low cost. The integrated EASY-NET network is available for this purpose. Up to 8 easy800 units can communicate with one another over a distance of maximum 1000 meters using this feature. It does not matter if the respective devices are running their own programs or being used as a distributed input/output module.

Additionally, all easy800 units can be expanded locally with the easy-Link interface. This enables the universal use of easy control relays in automation applications ranging from 12 to over 300 I/O points.

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