SL Signal Towers

Signal Tower SL

A clear picture at a glance

Signal towers provide visual and audible signals of machine states. Mounted on the control panel or the machine itself, their signal can also be reliably recognized and identified at a distance.The specially shaped lenses have a Fresnel effect to ensure excellent light levels.

One really major advantage of SL signal towers is that each individual module is freely programmable by simply repositioning a wire link, without needing any additional wiring or tools.

Further advantages:
  • Up to five levels can be actuated separately.
  • Any combination of continuous light, flashing light, strobe light or acoustic alarm is possible.
  • Easy installation method. Plug on the bayonet fitting, turn it slightly - and it's done.
  • Several forms of attachment make SL signal towers even more flexible:
    direct mounting of the base module, spaced mounting with fixing base and spacer tubes, or wall mounting using fixing brackets.
  • Complete units are available for a wide range of typical applications, making selection easier.