LS4-ZB and LS-ZB Safety Position Switches

Moeller® series

Position Switch LS..-ZB LS-ZB and LS4-ZB are used on centrifuges, motor and gearbox covers, presses, etc.

These safety position switches with separate actuators provide protection for personnel: if the protective guard is opened, they disconnect the power and in so doing, remove the danger.

The LS4-ZB offers the highest degree of flexibility

  • The operating head can be actuated from both sides.
  • Actuators which can be inserted from more than one direction, permit horizontal or vertical mounting of the switch.
  • Three sizes of housing are available, i.e. a switch for every location.
  • Comply with EN 1088 "Interlocks with and without mechanical securing action".
Further advantages of LS-ZB:
  • Five different directions of actuation – the actuator can be inserted from all four sides and from above.
  • Connection option: Cage-Clamp or screw terminals.
  • The removable cover allows optimum handling.
  • Complies with 1088 "Interlocks with and without mechanical securing action".