LS-ZBZ – Securing and Interlocking

Moeller® series

LS-ZBZ By reliable securing and interlocking of protective doors, the LS-ZBZ increases the safety standards for the protection of personnel and processes The LS-ZBZ operates according to one of two principles: on the basis of magnet-powered or spring-powered interlocking.

Using the magnet-powered design, the protective cover is interlocked when operational voltage is applied, and can therefore be opened directly in the event of power failure.

The spring-powered scheme ensures that the door or protective guard remains safely locked even in the event of power failure. The interlock is released when power is applied to the LS-ZBZ. This means that personnel are protected from overrunning machines. This variety of the LS-ZBZ only opens once the potentially dangerous movement has ceased. In an emergency, the protective guard can be opened using an auxiliary release mechanism.

Via a second switching contact, dangerous processes can be monitored from the control station.

Further advantages of LS-ZBZ:
  • Can be mounted in any location.
  • Actuating head can be rotated through 4 x 90 degrees.
  • Six different actuators round off the range.