LSR/TS Hinge-Operated and LSR/TKG Hasp-Operated Switches

Moeller® series

LSR/TS Hinge-Operated Switch The safety of all personnel working in production halls must be ensured at all times. Protective doors and hinged flaps that keep people out of hazardous areas, are monitored by Eaton safety switches.

Where an attempt is made to open a protected door or flap during operation, the LSR/TS hinge-operated switches and the LSR/TK hasp-operated switches immediately disconnect the power supply to the machine or installation. Opening is registered at an angle of only 5 degrees, and so even tampering is not possible.


Reliable safeguarding of hinged protective guards

LSR/TKG Hasp-Operated Switch Wherever tampering must be absolutely prevented and protruding actuating levers would be unacceptable, LSR/TS hinge-operated switches and LSR/TKG hasp-operated switches undertake the reliable safeguarding of hinged protective guards.

Flexibility in all conditions

The safety components can be fitted flush both in narrow style enclosures to EN 50 047, and in wide version enclosures. The operating head can be rotated through 4 x 90 degrees. The actuating lever of the LSR/TKG hasp-operated switch can be easily converted on site to align with the position of the protective cover.