LS-Titan®: 'heavy duty – totally insulated or metal'

Moeller® series

LS-Titan and RMQ-Titan


The fully insulated plastic housing conforms to protection class II. Thus, they are simple to install and do not require a protective earth terminal. This saves wiring time and precious tooling time.

Die-cast metal enclosures (protection class I) are available for applications in harsh operation environments. Enclosures of this nature are particularly suitable for welding systems, as they are resistant to airborne sparks.

All basic units have standardized sizes and are conform to the EN 50047 standard. The operating heads can be rotated through 4 x 90 degrees and can be combined with every basic unit. Equipped with double-break contacts, they are also suitable for use in the configuration of redundant safety circuits.

The termination's are equipped with maintenance-free and vibration protected cage-clamp termination's. The largest terminal capacity allows the connection of solid and flexible connection cables with conductor cross-sections from 0.08 to 2.5 mm˛.