Combination with RMQ-Titan®

Moeller® series

LS-Titan and RMQ-Titan


Flexible, safe and very-well protected

Control circuit devices from the RMQ-Titan® range can be combined with the LS-Titan® switches – an innovation: Pushbuttons, mushroom actuators, selector switches, keyswitch actuators and emergency-stop actuators can be snapped onto every position switch as operating heads!

The entire front and rear sides of the unit have at least IP 66 enhanced degree of protection. This solution opens a whole new range of applications. With the combination of position switch and control circuit device, there results for the first time a control device which possesses a defined snap-action operating behaviour. Operation is initiated by the control circuit device, the abrupt switch change acts on the contact system of the position switch.

The complete unit has very compact external dimensions ensuring space availability for it in any machine or system.