Robust Technology – AT 4 Position Switches

Moeller® series

Position Switch AT4

Proven versatility in harsh conditions

A high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength – these are the notable attributes of the AT 4 series of position switches. The AT 4 is dust-tight and water-proof to degree of protection IP 65, and is thus also suitable for use in the harshest industrial applications.

Application Example Position Switch AT4

Further advantages:

  • The freedom of coding the devices makes it even more flexible.
  • Individual sensing and scanning requirements with different operating heads.
  • Fitting is made easy with each operating head rotatable through 4 x 90 degrees.
  • Wiring facilitated by moulded housing, and thus no need to connect the protective conductor.
  • High degree of safety for persons and processes is achieved by means of positive opening to IEC/EN 60 947-5-1 and interlocked opposing contacts.
  • Reduced stockkeeping costs through modular construction.