Photoelectric sensors

Comet series

Photoelectric Sensors: Comet series

The Comet series incorporate opposed mode or retro-reflective sensors (diffused or polarised), diffuse mode sensors with or without background suppression, as well as the connection of fiber-optic cables featuring PVC or stainless steel jackets.

A polyurethane housing with an 18 mm diameter protects the internal electronic circuitry from humidity, chemicals and vibration. Two mounting screws can be used when required. To ensure a simple and flexible setup, the short-circuit-proof sensors offer visible light beams, light or dark operation as well as gain adjustment.

E58 series

Photoelectric Sensors: E58 series

The E58 Harsh Duty series with M18 or M30 stainless steel housings provides the ideal solution for applications in harsh environments such as high pressure water or steam jet cleaning.

The products of this series can withstand detergents, lubricants, cutting fluids or similar substances. As with the Comet series a wide range of sensors are provided for all detection tasks.

SM series

Photoelectric Sensors: SM series

The SM series with TargetLockô ensures the most convenient setup possible and is designed for optimum performance with a small design size. The LED on the sensor head indicates quickly the best operating point and thus reduces lengthy installation times. The LED gives early warning of any vibration or any dust on the lens before the fault affects the entire system.

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