Inductive sensors


Adaptable inductive proximity sensor to solve your applications

Induktive Sensoren: iProx-SerieThe Eatonís iProx is a field programmable and adaptable inductive sensor with Smart-SenseTM technology. Smart-Sense utilizes an embedded micro-processor, allowing the iProx to perform unique sensing functions at extended sensing ranges.

These capabilities include programmable attributes such as:

  • sensing range (adjustable to the nearest tenth of a millimeter)
  • output types (autoconfiguration, NPN or PNP)
  • contact types (normally open or normally closed)
  • response time and
  • noise immunity (from 10 to 20 volts per meter).

No other inductive sensor on the market offers such extensive programmability.

Furthermore, additional programmable features include:

  • band sensing, which allows the sensor to detect only within a specified distance or band
  • position sensing, enabling target detection along multiple axes and
  • background metal rejection, which tells the sensor to ignore sideground, foreground or background metal objects.

With the addition of the new programming tools including the Remote Programmer and the new and improved iProx Programming Software for Microsoft Windows customizing your iProx Standard sensor has never been easier.


Inductive Sensors: PREMIUM Plus series

The PREMIUM PLUS series is ideal for meeting more rigorous requirements. The sensors can detect objects over large distances, whilst offering durability and a long service life thanks to their stainless steel housings.

Sensors with a short housing design and an angled sensor head are available in addition to the standard sizes M12 to M30. Miniature sensors with a 4 mm diameter up to size M8 are also available.

GLOBAL series

Inductive sensors: GLOBAL series

The cost-efficient GLOBAL series is used where high volumes are required and standard applications need to be implemented reliably.

The products in nickel-plated brass housings are available for M8, M12, M18 and M30 flush and non-flush mounting, either with NPN or PNP connections. The devices are available with a cable or a standard M12 connector if required.

E52 series

Inductive Sensors: E52 series

The range is completed by rectangular types of the E52 and E56 series with dimensions of 40 mm to 170 mm. They feature outputs that can be configured automatically according to connection type (NPN/PNP).

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