P1, P3 and P5 Switch Disconnectors up to 315 A – For Absolute Safety

Moeller® series

Like T rotary switches, P switch disconnectors are manually operated switching devices without any release or switch mechanism but with a direct link between manual operating element and the contact. The contacts are positively opened on de-energization, and the auxiliary contacts are interlocked opposing contacts.

P switch disconnectors are available for the current range:

P1 switch disconnectors for 25 A and 32 A

P3   P5
P3 switch disconnectors
for 63 A and 100 A
P5 switch disconnectors
for 125 A to 315 A

Switchable "N conductors" and/or "HI21 auxiliary contacts" can be connected to the P1, P3, or P5 switch disconnector with a make and break contact. The auxiliary make contact is always switched as a load shedding contact for control of the contactor. In this manner, the contactor assumes the switching task and the switch-disconnector only needs to disconnect the main current circuit.

Typical application for P switch disconnectors, e.g.:

Maintenance, repair and safety switch

P switch disconnectors are particularly suitable as safe maintenance and repair switches or as enclosed main switches for individual electrical loads.
Multiple padlocks can be connected in the OFF position. This provides a vital safety function: the no-voltage state is visible and switch on is impossible.

ON/OFF switch

P switch disconnectors provide reliable operation with heating and lighting systems, motors, etc. They are also suited for direct switching of motors. Selection of the switch is performed to suit the rated uninterrupted current or the motor rating in accordance with utilization category AC-23A. In applications where frequent switch on and off operations are necessary, the high switching capacity guarantees reliability.