Quadruple buttons

Moeller® series

Quadruple buttons

Eaton has extended its highly successful RMQ-Titan® control circuit device range with various operating elements.

Contact elements are now available in the RMQ-Titan® range that are based on a modular design concept.
The front rings and front frames come in the same design and colour that are familiar to regular RMQ-Titan users.

Quadruple pushbuttons

The four-element pushbutton design allows users to control machines and systems in four directions of motion, with each direction assigned to a different contact element. The button provides four individual pushbutton plates which can be selected as required for different applications, and which can be labelled accordingly with laser inscription.


The joystick features four precise positions, with each direction assigned to a different contact element. This allows users machine and system control in four directions of motion.

Selector switch actuators

The selector switch actuators also come with four positions. The actuator is available either in a rotary head or thumb-grip design. Both variants can be rotated around 360 degrees. The switch provides four On and four Off positions, with a contact element being assigned to each of the eight positions.

Legend plates

Eaton offers legend plates in different designs for all operating elements: These are available as blank versions, with direction arrows and as a version with the inscription "0–1–0–2–0–3–0–4".

Specific customer inscriptions can also beprovided. The Labeleditor software allows users to create their own labels and then have them laser inscribed on the legend plates as durable and wipe-proof inscriptions.