RMQ Titan – The Ergonomic Link with the Machine

Moeller® series

Optics and functionality – the winning combination

Pleasing to the eye and easy to handle: this is the combination of characteristics that distinguishes Eatons's new industrial design. The new RMQ Titan range can lay claim to both these qualities. The titanium coloured front ring gives the range its name - and provides machines and installations with many application advantages.


  • The use of LEDs ensures low current consumption, less heat, a long lifespan and vibration resistance.
  • LEDs Reliable and Economical Lighting Elements
  • Ergonomic design through actuator elements shaped to the curve of the fingertip.
  • Optimum illumination efficiency through specially designed lenses in the indicator lights
  • Fast connection to AS-i possible at any time.
  • Mounting in 22.3 mm grid dimensions.
  • Up to 6 contact elements can be clipped on in 2 levels.
  • Simple stay-put or inch function with all stay-put pushbutton actuators.
  • Degree of protection IP 66 allows use in rugged industrial environments.
  • Complies with all international standards and regulations such as IEC/EN 60 947 as well as test mark requirements and Directives such as UL and CE.

User-friendly inscription

All button plates, indicator lights and push-button legend plates of the RMQ Titan range of control circuit devices can be provided with laser inscriptions as required. The information is burnt into the surface and thus, unlike with print-inscribed elements, is very durable.

The Inscription software Labeleditor and the Symbol and Text Library for RMQ-Titan are found under Downloads!