Eaton Logistics: Our quest for perfect logistics knows no borders

Good logistics require a lot of knowhow, several years of experience, and a huge amount of instinct. There is no other way of keeping up with the leading global players. This is how Eaton keeps its customers happy around the world.

Eaton meets your targets more than 1 million times a year, shipping more than 25,000 tons around the world. The product availability of our highly automated central warehouse in Meckenheim near Bonn and of our logistics centre in Brno in the Czech Republic has reached 95%, and the stock assortment coverage exceeds 98%. This means that we deliver 98% of all order items ex warehouse. Every day, we work around-the-clock for you, offering you a delivery time of not more than 13 hours by night express for orders placed by 5 pm. We process up to 5,000 shipments with over 22,000 order items each day. The goods we hand leevery day total more than 100 tons. These facts are not easy to match, and they set a new standard in the logistics industry.

Such performance and the satisfaction of you have a name:
Power in Time.

Sometimes it is the little things that make logistics perfect.
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Moeller Logistics:
Your Supply Chain Partner.

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