Eaton Logistics: Benefit to the full from our power, technology, and knowledge

When a task calls for special concentration, the value of know-how acquired over the years becomes evident. Therefore, we can offer you something really special: added-value logistics. Everything you need to make sure that you never lose track of your order.

We offer you, our customer, a special mode of packaging with your logo, and in a particular colour or quality.

Moreover, you can rely on us for customs or import clearance. We have international experience in this, and this will save you a lot of effort and time. For your safety, we check every order with the ever-changing counterterrorism list in Brussels.

You need customer-specific sets for a promotion campaign so that your customers can also touch the product? No problem, we have experienced partners who know how.

We guarantee top quality with continuous quality control, shipment tracking, and a return management system. The concept of added-value logistics by Eaton is so convincing that even third companies have their logistics managed by us.

After all, Eaton Logistics means
Power in Time.