Eaton Logistics: Your Supply Chain Partner

Each delivery of high-quality Eaton products has a specific destination. Several factors need to interact smoothly for your order to reach its destination in the right time. The task of Eaton Logistics is to ensure the perfect functioning of this supply chain. Every day we dedicate all our power and knowledge to achieve this task for you. When placing an order, after any necessary technical clearing and the required contract check, you receive an order confirmation with the confirmed delivery date. This deadline considers all relevant issues like procurement, customs clearance, or special packaging. This deadline that you receive within 24 hours allows you to make reliable schedules. For domestic orders placed before 2 pm, the goods are shipped within the same day, if requested by the customer. In most areas, the goods will be delivered to you on the next working day. Shipments outside the country are delivered within 48 hours.

Thatís our standard. Of course, Eaton also offers all sorts of express services: these range from normal express delivery by 8 am on the next day and delivery by courier service to an on-board courier available worldwide.

In those rare cases in which a product is not on stock in one of our distribution centres, or exceptionally large quantities of one article are ordered, we immediately issue a production order in a Eaton factory, or make sure to order the product from our suppliers.

Depending on the requirements, we arrange for the direct delivery of the goods from the production factory to you, or make sure that all ordered items are brought together and sent to you from one of our distribution centers.

Eaton is the reliable business partner for your supply chain. We see your request as our challenge.
Power in Time.