Energy distribution

Modern power distribution systems for ships must stringently comply with the special nature of the demands in shipbuilding because of the high power densities involved. The multitude of energy consumers on a ship in particular the so-called important power consumers require a reliable supply of energy, and accordingly, high-performance products. We have tackled these challenges. The result is the latest switchgear products with shipping classification approvals and solutions for enhanced ships safety.

International suppliers of power distribution solutions on ships, as well as shipyards, trust our switchgear. The long-standing co-operation has allowed their demands to be directly considered with our product developments. Shipowners are aware of the reliability of our components for this reason.

Our circuit-breakers fulfil the demands for high switching capacities. Accordingly, the compact circuit-breaker NZM, and also the accessory range are optimally matched for shipping requirements, whether it is because of the simple replacement using the plug-in units or because of the comprehensive diagnostic functions. All the important information can be compiled, displayed on site, and transferred to higher-level systems.

Outgoers for consumer connections are provided by the motor and system protection circuitbreaker PKZ 2 featuring different, plug-in control options ensuring flexibility in the shipbuilding sector. Particularly suitable for power distribution applications in cabins are the miniature circuitbreaker range FAZ featuring the approved devices for shipping companies and shipyards.

The arc-fault protection system ARCON provides reliable protection for the safety of shipping at sea. ARCON acts to quench arc faults before they have the opportunity to permanently damage the ships power distribution system, thus assuring that ship operations can continue without any noticeable interruption.