Auxiliary drives

Auxiliary drives are important units for ship operation in addition to the main drive and propulsion systems. These include deck machinery(winches and cranes), manoeuvring drives and other drive systems required for ship based equipment. These drives are mainly switched and controlled on a distributed basis. The high quality of the components used is a fundamental requirement for minimal downtimes and system longevity.

Control of auxiliary drives is subject to stringent safety demands. Our switchgear has been tried and tested for many years in maritime applications. For example, the contactor DILM has been developed especially for switching higher currents. This contactors feature electronically controlled actuator systems and are equipped for currents above 580 A with vacuum technology. Accordingly, propulsion units for the bow thrusters (tunnel thrusters) or winch drives can be switched with currents of up to 2,200 A.

A further tried-and-tested field of application for our products on deck is in hoisting systems. The compact PLC PS4 is ideally suited for the control of hoist drives. Additional modules are used for position recognition and speed detection of crane jibs.

Everywhere that drives are manually controlled our cam switch T or switch-disconnector P deliver high levels of performance. Whether for installation in control panels or as switches in enclosures for use on deck, quality and reliability speaks for itself.