Packaging made to measure

Packaging has to fulfil many functions: protection against damage, dirt, infection and dehydration, and necessitates the minimum use of material, and of course, an appealing, continually varied design.

The type of packaging used depends on the contents: whether wet or dry, powdered or paste-based foods.
Accordingly, there are many different types of packaging machines.Here are the most important types:

  • Bagging machines
  • Cartoners
  • Group packers
  • Palletizers
  • Loaders (handling devices)
  • Filling and bottle-filler machines.

The prominent feature in this automation field is the high cycle speed. For example, the cycle speeds of the bottle filler machines can be so fast that they exceed the perception limit of the human eye. Accordingly, distributed automation concepts have become established with packaging machines. Furthermore, modular machine concepts that reduce the engineering requirement are conventionally employed.

The distributed concept follows the modular concept of the packaging lines. It reduces the load on the central control system and ranges from the control devices XV, to the I/O level XION, extending to the frequency inverters DF/DV, and the servo drives. Moreover, everything is connected to a common network, and programmed using the common software easySoft CoDeSys that is compliant to the international programming standard IEC 61131.

The packaging task involved does not matter regardless of whether parts are to be counted, weights to be measured or the perfect condition of the container needs to be checked; or when palletizing or heat-shrinking the shrink wrap is required we can create solutions for every demand with our components.