Energy distribution

Guaranteed energy supply

The parts of a production system referred to as auxiliary systems in business terms, designate parts of a production system, such as the electrical energy supply, the compressed air supply or cleaning services, and influence the viability of the entire baked goods production. They also provide the fundamentals for every production operation and offer as do other process stages potential for optimisation of the costs and technology.

Employing the circuit-breaker series NZM 2...4 with electronic releases, the electrical energy consumption, and accordingly the energy costs of system sections can be controlled. The circuit-breaker NZM with the auxiliary module DMI makes it possible to transfer all data to a central control console and to evaluate it there. At the same time, this switch allows preventative maintenance by providing all important device life parameters. This prevents an unplanned, long-term production standstill.

We offer you a wider range of tried-and-tested components for innovative solutions with your auxiliary systems. With our established components for auxiliary systems, machine manufacturers and food manufacturers can concentrate solely on their core tasks.