Exact documentation with food production

The authorities wish to guarantee consumer safety, reduce risks, and provide transparency. This end is achieved by directives and standards.
Quality control and monitoring according to the International Food Standard (IFS), as well as the traceability compliant to the EU directive 178/2002 relate to the product, without currently stipulating the handling procedure for the process data. On the other hand however, the American FDA requires explicit compliance to their guidelines by the use of data in electronic form.

Compliance with the guidelines our concept

We are working together with the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and particularly with the packaging industry on a solution to comply with the above-mentioned guidelines:

  1. A flexible, graduated system, which covers your visualisation and operation requirements in the basic machine automation configuration.
  2. Simple engineering for our customers for the machine manufacturer or their control panel supplier based on standard hardware and generation of software where a fundamental knowledge of Excel is sufficient.
  3. Consistency of the software representing an industry neutral solution and which addresses a wide customer spectrum.
  4. Compliance with the relevant guidelines. As the FDA guidelines are the most comprehensive, their compliance should be assured in order to avoid parallel developments to various issues such as password management, access authorisation, recording of data, batch handling or protocolling.

Handling process data, process protection

Our components allow flexible, graduated automation concepts. The engineering of the process-relevant data is implemented in the visualisation of the HMI-PLC. For operating data acquisition, batch traceability and FDA compliance with an audit trail, our concept integrates extensive user/password handling facilities, the recording of all operations in the event log, the logging of individual values and alarms, as well as the data allocation of the batches (batch history). A powerful real-time database with open, standardised interfaces (SQL) for all data formats links the system to the IT world.