The right levels of heat and steam

The baking (dry) stage has many variants. The product spectrum ranges from caked, to half-baked to fully baked products. Several fundamentally different oven types are also used:

  • Simple multi-deck ovens with manual loading
  • Roll-in ovens with manual or automatic loading. These are called rotothermic ovens
  • Multilevel continuous baking installations for industrial production.

The correct and economic introduction of high-energy vapours referred to in the technical terminology as vapours - requires a complex control in order to ensure the optimum balance between energy usage and product quality. By detection of some control engineering parameters, the vapours can be adjusted to suit the required condensation levels, baking temperature, baking time, and baking quantity.
Just as important for effective energy usage is the controlled, forced circulation (recirculation) of the hot air in the oven.

The automation components used for operation, control and regulation of an oven line and the downstream cooling carousel, are employed via Ethernet networked control and display devices with stainless steel fronts and integrated Soft PLC from our XC series.

Engineering of the controls as well as the regulation and operation/display is implemented using a common tool that helps reduce planning times and the associated costs.