Stock control

The easy500/700 and easy800 control relays come with a full range of technical resources to implement applications in the warehouse. A host of different device versions with various functions, voltage types, expansion and networking options are available for implementing the right solution. Up to eight additional modules can be quickly and easily networked via the integrated easyNet.

The control relays are ideally complemented by easyHMI products: the HMI control easyHMI MFD Titan consists of a fully graphic display and features intelligent operating concepts. The degree of protection IP65 of the display enables use in harsh environments, as they are frequently experienced at turnaround hubs and centres. The displays can be simply connected to the control relay via the easyNet network.

Programming of the easy products also follows a definitive principle. Simple controls and visualisations with easy 500/700 and the easyHMI MFD Titan are programmed using easySoft. easySoft makes it very simple for the user: the graphic editor directly displays the desired circuit diagram representation. Selection menus and Drag & Drop functions make it easy to create links. For visualisation with the HMI control MFD-Titan, a mask editor with a whole range of mask elements for application in intra-logistics is available for selection.

Programming for the compact PLC easyControl as well as the graphic touch operator panel MFD4 is undertaken using the CoDeSys programming system from 3S. Simple handling and the widely used software in automation components from different manufacturers are a guarantee for future-oriented technology. The benefits of using just a single software package for programming and visualisation are obvious: direct access to the control variables using a common data basis provides a broader overview and reduces the engineering effort and expense considerably.