Horizontal material handling

"Time is money!". This phrase is hardly more relevant in any other industry than it is in intra-logistics. The demands placed on reliability as well as simple and quick handling of the conveyor systems are very high, whether it is in the field of production logistics or a hub for express shipping. Only so is it possible to ensure minimum stock levels, short throughput times, the best possible capacity utilization, and most importantly one hundred percent delivery reliability.

Central or distributed drive engineering all from a single source

The distributed installation of drive engineering technology has continued to increase in popularity over the last few years because of the simpler operation handling. Here we offer Rapid Link, a technically sophisticated system that drastically reduces the volume of the control panel and considerably reduces the cabling effort and expense.

However, even if the drive engineering is still centrally installed, SmartWire/Darwin offers an innovative solution based on cutting-edge technology. The control circuit wiring between the PLC and the switching devices is completely replaced by pluggable, pre-assembled connection cables. This decisively reduces the wiring effort and expense and avoids wiring faults.

Herewith, both technologies convince through their fast engineering and simple installation as well as their user-friendly handling features in subsequent operation.

Distributed drive engineering in degree of protection IP 65

Distributed drive engineering shows its benefits when there are problems during operation. The service technician can find all the components directly at the conveying device where the problem has occurred: conveying mechanical systems, motor and drive. If the cause of the problem is not immediately evident, the optical display of the Rapid Link switchgear system helps to locate it. The local operating feature can be used, for example, to unlock the blockage on the conveyor system and operation can immediately recommence.

Central drives with SmartWire/Darwin

SmartWire/Darwin is the ideal solution when there is a requirement to start and monitor different motors from a single central control panel. The engineering and installations are reduced drastically by the innovative plug-in units. A clear benefit when there is a requirement to reduce costs and strictly adhere to short project times, as commissioning and troubleshooting are simplified significantly.