Personnel and machine protection

Personnel and machine protection

The objective of achieving higher productivity in all manufacturing areas may not neglect the issue of safety. Statutory safety regulations are regularly updated for this reason. Using Eaton products it is possible to implement your own safety system or to usefully extend an existing safety system.

Control and protection of safety zones

Safety zones can be easily protected with easySafety from Eaton. Up to 14 secure inputs and 4 secure outputs offer a lot of room for different applications. Independently of the safety circuit diagram, a standard circuit diagram can be simultaneously stored in the easySafety. Not only can it assume the safety functions, but also the control tasks for diverse applications. Many safety function modules are already stored such as standstill of machines in an emergency or safety door monitoring. Using just a single device type, a host of safety tasks in different applications can be realized.

Controlling doors and entrances

When heavy loads are being moved, it is essential to ensure that the transport paths remain free and persons do not enter the area. The same applies for operating machines, where certain areas cannot be accessed or moved. For these purposes, Eaton offers a large range of safety position switches and door contacts as well as emergency-off buttons from the RMQ range.

Questions on the issue of safety?

The safety products from Eaton guarantee safe and effective application with minimal engineering effort and expense.
A Safety manual is available for all applications and provides important tips and instructions. Should you have any queries, Eatonís sales personnel would be happy to provide assistance.