Transportation and packaging

Transporting and packaging wood

Between the individual manufacturing stages as well as for supply and delivery, it is essential to quickly package, stack and transport the wooden materials without damage. Components from Eaton enable you to safely perform these operating stages without interruption.

Starting and protecting motors in harsh environments

Transport automation is a simple task when using the distributed motor starters from the Rapid Link product series. The drive solutions range from the motor starter right up to vector controlled drives. No transport demand remains unsolved, and the connected motors are also ideally protected. The distributed installation directly on the transport element is not just useful in subsequent operation; the on-location manual operation also reduces commissioning times. The enhanced degree of protection IP65 also assures reliable operation, even when there is an increased level of dust or shavings.

Soft start, control and safe shutdown of motors

The drive must deliver the correct torque in every operating situation when lifting, transporting and stacking wooden products. Both U/f and vector control can be implemented with the new frequency inverters of the M-Max series.

The flexibility of the new drive series is also evident with its communication features. In addition to the CAN-Bus, interfaces for PROFIBUS DP and Device-Net are now available. In the future, the SmartWire-DT I/O system will also be integrated.