Finishing wooden products

A raw wooden panel becomes a piece of furniture when a veneer or film is applied and by machining the edges. The quality demand goes up, particularly when the furniture components are to be used in working areas such as offices or kitchens. The quantities of adhesives, temperatures and contact pressures must be determined precisely to ensure that the customer can continue to enjoy the furniture for many years.

Performance switching and installation protection

The circuit-breakers of the xEnergy series are always the correct choice to reliably provide the energy supply for all process stages. They excel not only due to their reliable operation, but also offer decisive advantages in the development of the machine. The circuit-breakers and disconnectors can be simply combined with other Eaton components, and because of the comprehensive range of accessories, they can be adapted flexibly to the respective customer demands (e.g. operation compliant to UL/CSA).

Controlling processes

The process steps must correctly interact, particularly when applying a veneer and laminating the edges. The advantage of the Eaton control family can be found in the consistency of the software. The easyControl compact PLC is often sufficient for simple machines. Modular PLCs XC100 or XC200 ares often used in manufacturing centres. As both PLC types can be programmed with CoDeSys, process know-how that has been parameterised once can be reapplied independently of the machine size.

Comfortable operation

Other operation and display devices for operation and visualization purposes are available in addition to the pushbuttons, switches and indicator lights of the RMQ range. Eaton places emphasis on scalability here as well.

The introduction to the touch panel range – with and without control functionality – begins with the XV100 panel: With a size of 3.5 inches, in colour or monochrome. Eaton offers almost all known functionalities and variants up to 15 inches: Whether for resistive or infra-red technology, or control expansions in different performance classes, support for conventional fieldbus systems is provided or high degrees of protection up to IP69K are available. Eaton has the right solution for you.

As the touch panels with integrated controls can be programmed with CoDeSys, they are ideal for Eaton controls.