Machines for machining wooden materials

Beginning at the sawmill, where logs are initially machined for manufacturing, further machining of the raw wooden material plays a decisive role. Accordingly, the range of machines for this manufacturing stage in the wood processing industry ranges from the simple circular saw to high-precision automatic millers. Whether it’s simple or complex, Eaton provides tailor-made solutions for every application in the woodworking industry.

Economic installation and correct switching

The old German proverb states “Where there is planing, there are bound to be shavings”. Fine dust also results when drilling, milling or sawing. It is good when the switchgear in the machine is equipped to cope when it comes in contact with this dust. The contactors of the xStart series are designed for use in the woodworking industry. Even when they come in contact with dust, the additional encapsulation protects the sensitive contact area from contamination.
Using the installation system SmartWire Darwin, the engineering and the mounting times of the machine are improved significantly. xStart is therefore the proven and economic switchgear system for the woodworking industry.

Comfortable operation

Operation, visualization and control. Eaton’s individual user-friendly system components always optimally combine with each other. From the control circuit devices of the RMQ-Titan series right up to touchpanels, the operating interface can be adapted to the machine type. Even the inherent controls strictly adhere to this system concept. CoDeSys is used for programming from the simple easyControl to the modular PLC. The existing engineering know-how can be applied from the smallest to largest machines. Eaton products make an important contribution to economic engineering design here.

Safety of personnel and installations

The issue of safety plays a central role particularly where sharp fast moving tools are used. Eaton solves this task according to the latest standards – See for yourself: Safety of personnel and installations.