Energy distribution

At Eaton, electrical energy supply incorporates all electrical systems required for transport, protection and distribution to the electrical loads (of a building). A differentiation is made between distribution boards and busbar trunking systems.

Today's distribution boards are significantly superior in their range of functionality than busbar trunking systems and connections. Distribution, switching, protection, monitoring, control and regulation are important functions, provided by distribution boards in various mounting and installation versions intended to service all customer demands.

The busbar connection has significant advantages in terms of simple, short circuit protected energy transport and in the usable volume of space-saving power distribution. Further benefits include advantages over wiring such as a significant reduction in the combustive energy and the reduction of magnetic fields, which is of particular significance in office buildings with many PCs.

In today's busbar tap-off units, it is possible not just to implement protective functions, but also a limited degree of control and monitoring tasks.

Realizing modern energy distribution

In the field of modern power distribution, the transfer and distribution of energy by busbar trunking systems complement one another by distribution and protection using distribution boards.
The low-voltage distribution boards from Eaton are divided into:

  • IVS (up to 630 A) and xVTL (up to 2500 A): IVS and xVTL are classical service distribution systems where the entire Eaton switchgear technology – particularly the modular installation devices – is used.
  • xEnergy (up to 4000 A): xEnergy covers the attractively-priced power distribution segment for the medium performance range up to 4000 A. Protection of the feeder arms is mainly undertaken using circuit-breakers.
  • MODAN (up to 6300 A): MODAN assumes power distribution tasks up to 6300 A and is used primarily for process engineering as well as for industrial building power supply applications. Here a high level of availability and low resetting times are essential.

Eaton provides all fitting types. Fixed installation modules (for IVS/xVTL/ xEnergy) are an attractively priced solution but cannot be exchanged during operation. Plug-in modules for MODAN ensure high levels of flexibility and availability and allow exchange without safety disconnection of the entire system, but the module costs are also higher. The drawer units are also available for MODAN, provide the highest level of flexibility for replacement and modification, and can be exchanged quickly. The module costs here are also comparatively higher.

Busbar trunking systems primarily assume the tasks of energy transport and protection of the connected loads. The Eaton LP, MP and XP series cover the entire current range from 40 A to 6300 A. Busbar trunking systems provide the highest level of service and operating safety when compared to conventional cables due to the simple planning, time-saving and flexible configuration.