Building automation

Every day thousands of passengers use the airport terminal buildings and check-in desks, return from a journey, go shopping, or have something to eat. Personnel protection, protection of systems and operating safety right down to the socket or light switch are fundamental prerequisites for daily operation.
Our building services products contribute significantly to reliable operation within the airport complex and terminal buildings.

Xpole protective switches

From the first residual-current-operated circuit-breaker series more than half a century ago to the latest Xpole series – our devices stand for safe protection of persons whilst simultaneously guaranteeing the device function. Whether it is fault current, power protection, overload or short-circuit, safety is the primary factor. Moreover, the devices feature many additional functions. Colour coding, simple to operate plug-in units as well as side-by-side mounting simplify installation. Additional functions, for example, such as the remote switching facility also simplifies the daily operations in complex airport systems.

Xboard distribution board range

A current range from 63 A to 2,500 Acan be covered within a building with the Xboard small distribution board. The robust steel sheet enclosures impress with their stability and durability. Mounting times can be significantly reduced by consequent use of the modular design and the tool-less installation of individual modules. Airport operators are provided with very-high quality for building services with Xboard.

Xpatch network technology

Even after new sections of the airport, such as new terminal buildings have been introduced to service – data communication remains a dynamic component. Data communication is continuing to penetrate into many areas of automation. Accordingly, the requirements on the network topology and engineering continue to grow.
With the Xpatch system components, we have flexible, expandable, and future-proof components that can be combined for every individual application. This ensures that there are no limitations when extending the airport.