Photovoltaic power plants convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. Photovoltaic cells are used for this purpose. Photovoltaic power is a renewable energy source which is used preferentially in domestic and public buildings.

A differentiation is made grid-independent systems and systems coupled to the power grid.
Power grid coupled photovoltaic systems feed the generated power directly into the electrical power grid. There is no need for sophisticated intermediate storage. A system of this type consists of photovoltaic cells, one or more power inverters and protection equipment to automatically shutdown the system with electrical network malfunctions. This is why photovoltaic systems coupled to the grid require very reliable and safe individual components.

Reliable grid disconnection devices

Function: the inverter converts the DC current from the photovoltaic cells to AC current. The power and voltage characteristics are adapted to those of the public power grid. The inverter must control the photovoltaic system so that it can be operated at the maximum level of output performance: only then can optimum current and voltage be generated.
Reliable mains switches provide safety for the inverters. Eaton offers the right solutions here: for integrated or external mains switches on the DC current as well as on the AC current levels.

Safe protection: the Xpole installation products

Individual solar cells are interconnected by so-called strings. The strings must be protected against short circuits and overvoltage. The standard stipulates that a disconnector switch must be connected between the solar modules and inverters.

We have developed DC circuit-breakers such as the NZM for this purpose. For other protective features the Xpole installation product range offers further protective functions. Our insulated distribution boards CI safely and effectively protect your components.

The overall performance of energy distribution systems must be scaled to suit the application. It is therefore decisive whether the photovoltaic system is to be installed in a private domestic dwelling or in a purpose-built industrial building. Here Eaton can offer the right solutions for every performance range with installations for the typical residential building from the Xboard distribution board range, and up to 4,000 A switchboard systems from the xEnergy range.

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