Grid connection

Small, local energy generation plants such as photovoltaic, wind or bioenergy plants offer an ever increasing contribution to the general energy supply. The power generated here is often fed into the local grid. However, compliance to the grid connection guidelines of the utility company must be observed, as the reliability of the grid and a high-quality energy supply are of primary importance.

Local energy generation plants also contribute to the stabilisation of the public electricity supply. Active-power controls for frequency stability or reactive power compensation also produce power using renewable energies. Their systems today remain connected to the public electricity supply during grid faults or voltage dips. Only switches or disconnectors connect or disconnect the plant to or from the grid to feed or draw power. This applies particularly in hazardous situations. The connect/disconnect is issued by a remote command to a motor-operated circuit-breaker.

Circuit-breaker for disconnection from the grid

In this field circuit-breakers NZM and IZM (up to 6,300 A) are used. In conjunction with contactors DIL H (up to 2,200 A up to 2,500 A with the new DIL H 2500), they guarantee reliability, safety and simple maintenance even at higher switch operation frequency. A higher level of international service is a matter fact for Eaton.

xEnergy complete solution for panel builders

At Eaton, panel builders will find a complete enclosure and switchboard system range for energy distribution up to 4,000 A. xEnergy stands for complete solutions in energy distribution: from switching and protection devices, to mounting technology control panel housings, to planning tools which can consider special local conditions during installation.

Contactors for capacitors, approved quality

Should reactive power need to be restricted or fully compensated, reactive current compensation systems must be installed. They are situated directly at the feeder point to the grid. The capacitor performance is available in several stages. It can be adapted using a reactive-power compensation system incorporating the special capacitor contactors DIL K to the respective load conditions. The capacitor contactor series DIL K features series resistors in addition to special, weld-free contact material. They pre-charge the capacitors. Only then do the main contacts switch and establish the continuous flow of current.

Eaton has equipped thousands of power feeder points with DIL K contactors world-wide. Trust in our experience and our intelligent innovation.