Bioenergy is the generation of heat or power or the manufacture of fuel from biomass. A significant benefit of this technology is that energy can be generated on a demand-actuated basis. Biomass can have a liquid, gaseous or solid form. Only renewable, naturally-occurring sustainable organic materials are exclusively used here.
Bioenergy plants process biomass. They use it for the generation of heat or electricity. Initially bioenergy plants were found almost exclusively in agriculturally-based enterprises, but today they are long established as industrial power plants in use with utility companies and industrial firms.

Preparation of the biomass with easyControl

Biogas is just one form of biomass. It is formed as organic substances are allowed to ferment when air or oxygen is excluded. The productivity of the biogas plant crucially depends on processes that are optimally matched to one another. The requirement for biotechnology know-how is just as important as process technology know-how: only the optimum interaction of feeder units, mixers, pre-heaters and pumps ensure high efficiency of the plant.

Eaton automation systems guarantee a fully automatic, reliable and maintenance-friendly operation. Different performance classes and a range of additional modules of the easyControl and XC control families provide special automation solutions. Eaton controls have been used successfully for many years in biogas plants and other comparable plants and systems.

Connection system SmartWire DT

If a biogas plant utilising several pumps is in operation, the motor starters can be very effectively connected with SmartWire DT. For this purpose the control circuit wiring between the PLC and the switching devices is completely replaced by pluggable, pre-assembled connection cables. Even with just a few pump controls, SmartWire DT offers savings in installation, commissioning and troubleshooting in ongoing operation.

Generator protection with compact circuit-breakers

Electrical power should be efficiently generated from the processed biomass. For this purpose, the biomass can either be incinerated in order generate steam, or to drive the steam turbines or motors. In exactly the same way an internal combustion engine can be fuelled using biogas. Generators are required in both cases.
Different parameters must be monitored to ensure a safe generation process: these include short circuits and overcurrents. The compact circuit-breakers NZM are specially designed these generator protection tasks. A combination of compact circuit-breaker and motor drive enables operation, even from larger distances. For this reason, the products are ideally suited for synchronization of the generator and power grid.