Component production

A standard manufacturing system developed with maximum precision from a combination of machines of different manufacturers. Not a simple task, but one that the powertrain (drive train) product range has to fulfil. Precise and flexible operations provide the key here. Our products provide a flexible solution for the most divergent demands.

Each individual process machine is connected to the energy supply. A main switch is installed in the machines. This safely disconnects the system from the supply. In an enhanced scope, the main switch protects the machine against overcurrent on short circuit, as well as against overload. Outside of manufacturing times the process machine is disconnected from the supply to conserve energy. For this purpose the circuit-breaker NZM is centrally operated via a remote operator. Only a power supply for the program memory or heating remains in operation. Many automotive manufacturers use the circuit-breaker series NZM for this purpose.

Every new NZM circuit-breaker with an electronic release stores the short-term history of the circuit-breaker. A Data Management Interface (DMI) also enables scanning and display of diagnostics and operating data, the detection of current values as well as parameter definition and control of the circuit-breakers on-site.

If several protective devices are to interact effectively in a switchgear system, it is necessary to compare their tripping characteristics in order to evaluate their selectivity for the demands posed by enhanced system availability. Out "Characteristics Program" software tool enables a simple common representation of the curves on multiple protective devices on the same time and current scales for very little effort. This significantly simplifies the representation of the curves.